Wednesday, August 17, 2016



Untuk saat ini kami sedang memperkirakan akan keadaan bisnis online. dikarenakan jikalau hanya perdagangan kecil berupa warung eceran. kami akan memperbanyak kemampuan untuk aktifitas sehari-hari. namun untuk perbulan kebanyakan dari anggota yang mengikuti bisnis online belum bisa memberikan perkataan yang memuaskan. untuk itu kami sedang memperhitungkan upah yang memadai demi makan perhari serta upah dan pasilitas pekerja kami yang hanya bermodalkan untuk di bisnis online.

kebanyakan dari pekerja mengatakan bahwa untuk mencukupi biaya pulsanya saja terkadang belum bisa memadai, bahkan biaya makan perhari demi seharian kerja di bisnis online.

untuk itu kami harap maklum atas pengakrualan pekerja kami.

terima kasih.

Monday, August 1, 2016

mining bitcoin

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

power up bitcoin makebtc

Profit - User's income from each PowerUp
PowerUp - Amount of user's investment
User Power - User's Power to whom income accures
Power Sum - Power sum of all users

Imagine that Power sum of all users is 9(Power Sum = 9). You spend one Bitcoin on PowerUp. Now your Power is 1 and Power sum of all users becomes 10. After that, one of the users makes PowerUp spending one Bitcoin on it. This Bitcoin distributes between all users including you. Your share of this investment is 10% (Your Power / Power Sum) = 1/10 = 10%. You receive 0.1 BTC of this investment and continue receiving Bitcoins from all further investments.

Minimum PowerUp is 0.001 BTC Minimum Withdrawal is 0.01 BTC 10% will be deducted from each withdrawal

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

A-ADS Anymouse

Hello everyone . Today i will show you how to earn bitcoins autopilot without any work.Yes without any work you will earn free bitcoin.This isnt any hack or bug in the advertising system. This is simply a trick to earn faster without doing anything.All you have to do is setup first and leave it and you will earn on autopilot
So Lets Get Started

Things You Are Going To Need


Part 1 – Setting Up The Blog

First Go to and make a new blog (You can also use your old one)
Click on “New Blog” Button to make a new blog
This will open a popup like this.Fill it with any details and click on “Create Blog
Now we created a blog successfully.Its time to make it look real.So Head over to “New Post” Button and click it
This will lead you to make new posts.Now just copy paste any tutorial from any site and click on publish it.Now we have 5 articles on our fake blog. Now lets visit and make a account there
Click on Earn Money tab and then click on “Create an Ad Unit
This will take you to another page where you will have to add details about you.
In the first option Select size as 728×90 and in site url type the url of the blog we created above on blogger.
Now in the second option unselect everything.i.e unselect all those three options
Now in the third options you need to setup your account details.
Type your username,Email and other values as described in the image above. In place of withdrawal address paste your Bitcoin Address .Accept the terms and click on signup and then click on “Create AD Unit!” Button
Now we are in the ad unit menu.Now copy the ads code shown on the right side of the page.Copy the whole script.We are gonna need the script .So now head back to .Go to Layout Tab and “Click on Add a gadget” in Cross-Column Tab.
After clicking on Add a Gadget a new popup will open with loads of tools.
Just click on “HTML/JavaScript
Now paste the code we copied earlier from a-ads
And click on Save Button.
Now the first part of this tutorial is completed.We successfully Created a blog with our a-ads advertise link on it.Now comes the main part to monetize the blog on autopilot. Ofcourse you are going to need traffic to your blog.Now if you have traffic then you are ready to earn some serious cash.But if you Dont have Enough traffic then this is what you are going to need to make money.Follow our Step 2 to start generating Traffic

Step 2 – Generating Traffic

Now its time to Generate some traffic to earn from those advertisings.In the Start of the page i said you to register on 3 sites they are 
Now once you have account In here You need to Earn points on these sites You can earn them By Going to “Earn Points” Tab and Download the application. I am not going in details on how to earn points.Its pretty basic and you will understand how to earn points.
Adding Your Site On Hitleap:
  • Goto
  • Then go to “My Websites” Tab
  • Click on “Add a new website” and follow the settings in the below pic
Now your site is successfully added to hitleap.You just need to earn points so that the points will automatically converted into minutes and you will earn points.You can download their app from “Earn traffic” tab

(so more register reff)